We all know that Spring means rain, and unfortunately, rain means flooded basements.  All too often throughout the months of March, April, and May you hear stories of homeowners having to refinish their entire basements or throw out beloved belongings because their basement flooded.  If you are a new homeowner or have recently moved to a new home these stories can be terrifying.  You might even be left wondering if you need a sump pump yourself.  If that sounds like you, here are some indications that making the investment in a sump pump will pay off in the long run. Here is the answer to the question: Does your Home Need a Sump Pump?

Do your Home Need a Sump Pump

Your Basement has a History of Flooding

If you live in a low-lying area, it is very likely that your basement has a history of flooding. And, if it does that is the first sign you will need to invest in a sump pump.  Most likely if your basement has flooded before, it will do so again, and when it does you want to be protected from a headache and the expense of having to clean it up.

You Have a Finished Basement

Even if your basement has never flooded in the past if you have valuable items or a nicely finished basement that is something you want to protect.  When water gets into carpeting, furniture, or even wood it can cause mold to grow.  And, if mold is growing it could make your family very sick or cause damage to valuable items.

Precipitation is Common

Do you find yourself singing “Rain, Rain Go Away” every day? If so, you probably live in a climate that gets a lot of precipitation, which means that there is always a potential for groundwater to back-up and seeps into the basement.  Even if their basement has never flooded before, many homeowners who live in areas of heavy precipitation choose to purchase a sump pump because it provides them with peace of mind.