Stinky, grimy, messy. Doing the dishes after dinner is no fun at all. But, with a sink and faucet that looks good and has great features, the job gets a little easier. If you are remodeling your kitchen or installing a new sink, it’s time spring for a faucet that will make your time spent in the kitchen even more enjoyable. And, on that topic, here are some of our favorite trends right now!

The Top Kitchen Faucet FeaturesOne-Touch Turn On

You’ve definitely seen the commercials where the mom with her hands full of paint trays, dirt filled cups and dishes turns on the sink with the light touch of her wrist. Most likely as the commercial ends you are thinking “I need one of those!” Well, we think you do too!

One-touch sinks are incredibly efficient. If you can easily turn on your sink by using a body part that hasn’t touched raw meat, raw eggs, or a kid’s slimy face you will be able to help eliminate the spread of viruses, bacteria, and mess around your kitchen.

Built-In Sprayers/Hose

Sprayers have been a widely popular sink feature for quite some time now.  However, we still think they are worth mentioning as they have updated quite a bit. In the past, sink sprayers were an attachment on the side of the faucet next to the sink (you know the thing every kid wrapped a rubber band around to soak their mom). Now, sprayers are built into the actual faucet spout as a detachable hose. This dynamic feature makes cleaning fruits and vegetables super simple and also helps with cleaning out the sink!

Water Filters

Most tap water is unsavory to drink. Therefore, many families opt for water filters in their refrigerators or buy a home water system. But we love the water filters that are built into the sink. Convenient and cost-effective, sink filtration systems make grabbing a refreshing glass of water easy. Furthermore, the sink filtration system can also be used to fill flower vases and pet bows safely.

If you are interested in installing a new faucet on your sink, it’s always in your best interest to call a local plumber—Arctic Plumbing, HVAC, and Electric!