Tips For Surviving The Heat WaveWe can all use some tips for surviving a heat wave. You might be wondering how to keep your house cooler or need ideas to keep you more comfortable outdoors at a BBQ. Implementing some ideas can be very helpful when experiencing intense temperatures.

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Home Maintenance To Help Keep The Heat Out

You can do numerous things to help keep the heat out during a heat wave. Check windows and doors to see if the weatherstripping is in good shape. If any weatherstripping is cracked or looks like it’s seen better days, replace it. This will also save on your heating bill during winter.

Clean the air conditioning ducts and replace the filters. Debris hinders air movement making your A/C work harder than if all the elements of the system are clean. A licensed professional can service all components for the best results.

Tips To Keep The Heat Out

Keep the heat and direct sunlight out of your home by keeping all the blinds, windows and curtains closed. If you miss the natural sunlight, leave some blinds open on the side of the house that doesn’t have the sun beating down. Closing blinds and curtains act as one more defense against hot air.

Any room not in use should be closed off, so your A/C isn’t working to cool that room.

How To Stay Cool During A Heat Wave

You can do numerous things to stay cool during a heat wave. Most importantly, you need to stay hydrated. Even if you don’t feel like you’re thirsty, be vigilant about staying hydrated. Water, fruits such as watermelon, and popsicles are all excellent choices.

Put a cold, wet towel on your neck, wrists, or forehead. Run your feet under cold water, or take a cold shower. If you have to be outside, try to avoid being out mid-day. Unless your job requires strenuous work, relax and wait for any laborious work until late evening or early morning when the temperatures are milder.

An umbrella in the summertime used to be reserved for grandmothers and rainstorms. Not during a scorching heat wave! Use your umbrella anytime you walk in the sun for your own shade. Wear a hat and apply sunscreen regularly.

Prepare For Power Outages To Survive A Heat Wave

In preparation for power outages during a heat wave, have a separate pantry area for foods and drinks that are only for emergency use. You don’t want your resources depleted when you need them most. Rotate the stock on occasion to keep your emergency pantry fresh.

Keep a first aid kit, flashlights, and candles handy. Get a cordless power pack to charge your wireless phone. Check regularly that it’s fully charged.

If possible, purchase a home generator. In a power outage, a generator can keep your A/C running, save the contents of your refrigerator and freezer, and keep the lights on.

For a full assessment of your HVAC system and complete maintenance to help survive a heat wave, call 410 Same Day. We’ll send a professional technician to your home so you can rest assured you’re doing all you can to keep your family as comfortable as possible.