The summer months are coming, and if that means one thing, it means that things are going to get hot.  In the warmest months of the year, there is nothing worse than going to turn on the air conditioning and realizing that it doesn’t work.  Not only will you be frustrated about having to call a repair team, but you will also be uncomfortable with the amount of excess heat that builds up in your home.

How To Know if Your Cooling System Needs Help This Summer

Before summer arrives to look for these signs that your cooling system might be in need of maintenance.

Your Air Conditioning is Constantly Running

Generally when it warms up outside you are able to set your thermostat to a temperature that you would like your air conditioning system to maintain inside of your home.  Once you do that and your air conditioning runs long enough to reach that temperature, the unit will shut off.  If you realize that your air conditioning unit is running constantly and never shutting off, that is likely the first sign that you are in need of repairs to your unit.

Your House is Not Staying Cool

Once your air conditioning is running your house should cool down rather quickly. Air conditioning units are chosen by the size of your home and are intended to help you home maintain a level of comfort without an overexertion of energy.  However, if you turn on your air conditioning and realize that your home is not cooling down, you are probably experiencing problems with your unit, and it may be time to call a professional for help.

There is Frost on Your AC Unit

Last, but certainly not least, the biggest sign that your air conditioning unit is in need of repairs is the build-up of frost on the pipes. If you are outside and realize that it looks like winter hit your system, but its 80 degrees chances are you will need repairs!

Call your local, trusted HVAC supplier today and they will help you stay cool throughout even the warmest months!