Gas or Electric: Which Home Heating System is Right For Me

Before you decide on which heating system to install in your Maryland home, you want to make sure it’s the right one for you and your family. 

Even though the end product is the same — your home will be heated and toasty during the cold months, leaving you in comfort, there are still factors you should consider when deciding on which heating system to install: gas or electric?

Gas or Electric: Which Home Heating System is Right For Me?
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What is a Gas Furnace?

A gas furnace is part of your HVAC system that converts natural gas or propane into a high-temperature heat for your home. They are the most popular heating system. Whenever you mention a home furnace, they are usually the first to come into people’s minds. They operate with a pilot light to create heat in your home.


Because they have instantly operating burners, gas furnaces can quickly produce a large amount of heat that can have an immediate impact on your home comfort. Furthermore, natural gas is inexpensive compared to electricity in the country. Therefore, gas heating systems help to lower your heating bills.


These units are usually expensive and would require more general maintenance throughout the lifespan of the unit. Also, natural gas can release dangerous fumes into the air. Therefore, you need additional systems like a carbon monoxide detector to help protect you and your family.

What is an Electric Furnace?

An electric furnace is a heating system that uses electricity to produce heat instead of natural gas. The electrical heating system is a newer technology compared to the gas system. However, they are also efficient and viable in heating your home.


The electrical heating system is less expensive and quieter compared to the gas system. They are comfortable and cheaper to maintain, and since they don’t operate with natural gas, the air around your home is safe.


Even though the electrical heating system is energy efficient, the fact that electricity is more expensive than gas will make your monthly heating bill higher. Also, this system doesn’t produce heat as instantly as the gas-powered system.

Now you know the difference between both systems. You can make your choice based on what you can afford. Arctic Plumbing and Air can help you through your decision-making process and even the installation and maintenance of your heating system in Maryland.