5 HVAC Problems You Will Likely See During Winter

The HVAC unit is responsible for keeping your home temperature ideal for all seasons. It provides cooled air during the summer and warm air in the winter. You and your family depend on the HVAC system to do its job to stay comfortable in your Maryland home.

As we approach the winter months, your HVAC system will have to run around the clock to keep your home warm and toasty. However, there are typical problems you are likely to see as your system runs all through winter.

Winter Hvac Problems

Frozen pipes

If for any reason, the water in your heating system isn’t running, it can freeze the pipes. If you have the boiler systems that use water to create steam for heating your home, you are most likely going to experience frozen pipes. 

When you notice this issue, turn off your home’s water supply and call HVAC professionals in Maryland right away to prevent broken pipes.

Uneven Temperatures

Another common problem is uneven airflow throughout various rooms in your home. Although improper sealing of windows and doorways are the usual culprits, it isn’t always the case. 

After fixing the usual culprits and the issue persists, you should have the ducting and vents inspected for debris or dirt blocking the ventilation system in those areas.

Heat Pump Malfunctions

If you have a heat pump system installed in your home, the coils and fans can frost over with the cold weather. If you have a modern system, you can push a button to defrost any frost build-up automatically. 

If your system doesn’t have this function, you may need to manually clear away the frost build-up to have your system working efficiently.

Blocked Filters

If your heating systems use ductwork, it should have filters. Filters are there to trap allergens and debris in the air within your home. The filters can get clogged with dust, dirt, and debris. 

When this happens, it can reduce the airflow in your home, making it look like your system isn’t working correctly. In this case, you need to replace or clean your filters.

The winter season usually comes with a strain on home heating systems. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you encounter these issues. When you see any of these problems, call HVAC professionals at Arctic Plumbing and Air to fix these problems before it gets worse.