The water heater, in most homes, is one of the most neglected appliance when it comes to maintenance. We don’t usually think about it until it stops working. If your system is maintained adequately, your water heater should last for years without any major problems.

4 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance
Hand attaches hose to water heater drain to perform maintenance

A regular maintenance will catch most of these issues before they become a major repair. Here are signs that your water heater needs maintenance:

Lack of Hot Water

If all of a sudden you stop getting hot water or you start getting very little, this may be as a result of the pilot light being out on your water heater. This may not be a problem during the hot summer weather. However, as the temperatures begin to cool down, check if you are still getting hot water.

Rust in Your Water

When you start noticing rust in your water, this means that your water heater is rusting from the inside out. This is a serious issue because it can result in a leak and consequently causing damage to your home.

Water Around the Water Heater

When you start seeing water around the tank, this could mean that your tank is already starting to leak. No matter how small the leak, it can still cause damage in your home. At this point, you should contact a professional technician immediately.

Hearing Strange Noises

When you start hearing rumbling or knocking noises in your water tank, this may mean that you probably have a residue build-up in your system. The build-up is usually as a result of mineral residue that accumulates in the tank. This makes your system runs less efficiently and it consumes more energy to heat your water. This can cause damage to your system, leading to cracks and leaks in the tank.

Regular maintenance on your water heater can ensure the reliability and consistency of your hot water. It will also ensure that there aren’t any hidden problems lurking to cause major problems.

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