How To Choose the Best Generator for Your Home

So, you’ve come to the realization you need a generator for your home. Generators come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and power levels. So, if you are confused and not sure where to begin when it comes to finding the perfect generator for your home, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Before you head out to the nearest home improvement store take a look at these times on how to choose the best generator for your home.

  1. Know how much power you need

The first step in choosing the best generator for your home is knowing how much power you need.  Typically, generators are available to purchase starting at 2,000 watts. It is important to note that if you are planning on running your home appliances off of the generator that you will need more power than that.  For most homes, a generator offering 3000-6500 watts will work just fine. If you have a well or a large furnace, however, you will likely need between 6000-10000 watts.

  1. Understand the difference between gas and propane generators

If you are looking to purchase a generator at your local home improvement store you will notice they come in styles that are either gas or propane powered.  There are pros and cons to both types of generator, but the best way to decide is to choose which is best for you. Propane tanks can be stored and readily available in case of an emergency.  Gas is also widely available, however, it might be harder to find in an emergency if you don’t have it on hand.

  1. Consider installing a permanent backup generator

For many homeowners installing a permanent backup generator is the best option for their home.  Permanent generators can be powered by propane or gas and automatically power on when the main power source to your home fails.  Backup generators are especially important for homes that have sump pumps in the basement that run off electricity or for individuals/families with medical equipment that requires electricity.


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