Water heater issues? Not sure what to do when your water heart acts up? If you’re like most of the population you haven’t gotten a clue on what a water heater does, where it’s located, or how much it costs UNLESS that is until something goes wrong with it. Most water heaters are located in the basement or the garage of a home, sometimes it’s located on the back porch where the laundry is, nevertheless, every home is different but every water heater serves the same purposes. A water heater does just that, heats up the water that circulates throughout your home!

What to Do When Your Water Heaters Acts Up

A water heater takes cold water runs it through the heater and then pushes out the hot water through the pipes of your home. Hot water comes out of your pipes for washing dishes, taking showers, or doing laundry. Most common issues associated with water heaters are: no hot water, not enough hot water, the water is too hot, or more importantly the pipes are leaking, the water is rusted or in the worst case, the water heater has busted (at this point it’s too late and you’ll need to replace the heater).

There are many different types of water heaters such as standard water heaters, tankless water heaters, electric water heaters, and gas water heaters. Depending on which unit you have, you’ll need to have a licensed professional come out and explain the homeowner troubleshooting options along with how to identify issues that should trigger the homeowner to call a professional. Not all units have the same nozzles, pipe layouts and or issues. How can you tell which water heater you have? The most common water heater type is a gas water heater, you can tell this if your water heater has a pilot under the unit, but if you’re unsure you can call a licensed professional to help you.