Unless you live in a tent or shed, all homes are wired for electricity. Understanding your home’s electrical system is extremely important.  All newer homes and recently sold homes are up to date on electrical codes and are wired for safety. Most homeowners run into electrical problems when their breaker box trips. This usually happens when too many things are plugged into a certain area of the house and it overloads the circuit.

Each area of your home is designated to a specific circuit and can hold only a certain amount of power. Be aware of what trips your circuit and be sure not to overload it, this will prevent tripping.

Understanding Your Home’s Electrical System

Tripping the circuit can happen from overloading the circuit, a short in the circuit, or a grounding fault. If you cannot figure out the root of the cause you should call your local electrician to help you.  An overloaded circuit is from what is mentioned above, too many heavy powered items on the same circuit and the circuit not able to handle the electricity running through the amp. A short circuit is when your wires are becoming crossed in your outlets and is dangerous for you to diagnose yourself. Finally, a grounding fault is almost the same as a short circuit and has to do with wires in your outlets.

Do NOT attempt to fix electrical issues yourself – All electrical issues should be addressed by a licensed professional. Attempting to fix or modify any electrical situations within your home is dangerous. You could end up seriously hurt or worse, your home could be compromised and or catch on fire. Again, DO NOT attempt to fix electrical issues yourself!