There’s something completely dreamy about a well furnished, finished, pristine laundry room. Maybe it’s the fact that it makes doing the laundry a little more enjoyable or maybe it’s because Pinterest is filled with pictures of them. Whatever the reason you are re-doing your laundry room is, it’s going to need a sink. Here are a few reasons why you need a sink in your laundry room.

Reasons You Need A Sink In Your Laundry Room

Outdoor Messes

When your kids have been playing outside all day in the mud and muck, there’s nothing worse than dragging the mess through the house. Enter, the laundry room sink. A place where your littles can dump their mud clad sneakers and soak their grass-stained shorts, the laundry room sink saves your kitchen sink for dishes and the bathtub for bathing.

Pet Clean-Up

It’s no secret that pets make messes. They love to get in the mud, chew up everything icky, and in general just make disasters. Then, you have to clean them up. It’s hard to fit most dogs and even some cats in the kitchen sink, and many won’t go near the bathtub. So, if you have a LARGE laundry room sink, it will do the job. In fact, there are even some versions of laundry room sinks that double as doggie showers!

Stain Emergencies

Have you ever spilled red wine or barbeque sauce right on your white shirt? It’s the worst. The stain sets almost immediately, and you panic trying to think of any way you can to get it out. But, if you have a laundry room sink, there’s no need to panic! Beside your sink or underneath, you can store your arsenal of stain-removing supplies. Then, slip off your shirt, soak and your worries will be all gone (just keep a few extra shirts next to the sink in case of an emergency).

To install a laundry room sink, call your local plumber! They can make sure everything is assembled correctly and that you have what you need to avoid extra leaks and messes.