Cleaning Air Conditioning Unit

Spring is upon us, the birds are chirping and the air feels fresh. It’s time to open up those windows and get to work on spring cleaning and readying your home for the warmer seasons.  Many people have a list of items they complete every year: closet cleaning, window cleaning, garage cleaning, and even flipping the mattress.  But, it seems that some of the items that are most overlooked are the ones needed to actually keep your home running efficiently, and one of them is cleaning your air conditioning unit.

Your air conditioning unit is the large, shiny, metal box sitting behind or on the side of your house.  In the summer months, it is this unit that is responsible for maintaining the temperature of your home and keeping you comfortable.  That’s why you should do everything in your power to keep it running smoothly, and one of those things is cleaning it.

Believe it or not, cleaning your air conditioner is rather simple.  All you will need is a garden hose and a couple of minutes.  Simply disconnect your air conditioner from the electrical source (carefully) and then spray down the outside and inside of the unit removing any grass or other debris.  Doing so will help to keep it running efficiently on even the warmest days.

If you clean your air conditioner and notice that there is some debris that you cannot seem to remove or the unit does not seem to be running properly take the time to call a trusted professional.  Any debris left or any unresolved problem could end up costing you a lot of money or cause you to have to buy an entirely new HVAC unit—a problem you do not want to address in the middle of summer!