There’s nothing more welcoming than driving up to a well-lit home in the middle of a dark night.  It’s as if everything and everyone is asleep, but the home is still waiting up for you. And, not only is a well-lit home more welcoming, it is also safe.

Brighten Your Home with Landscape Lighting

If you are looking to create a welcoming, safe, well-lit home you are going to want to invest in landscape lighting to achieve your goals.  Here we will go over a few of our favorite landscape lighting options.


Spotlighting is the most common and most simple form of landscape lighting you can install on your home.  All it takes is a few spotlights staked into the ground aimed at the prominent features of your home. Typically spotlighting is directed towards the front face of the house, the garage, or a flagpole if the home has one.


Moonlighting is one of the less typical types of landscape lighting, but one of the most dramatic and attractive.  Moonlighting, just as it sounds, lights surfaces, paths, and plants from above to create an effect that looks like the moon is shining down.  You can install moonlighting in a grove of trees, on your back patio, or on your front porch.

Path Lighting

Path lighting is another simple, effective type of landscape lighting you can use to improve the aesthetic of your home. Path lighting lines your sidewalks and walkways to make it easy for you and your guests to move from the driveway to the front door, the back door to the patio, or around your home.

When you choose to install landscape lighting at your home, you can choose to install just one type or a combination of them all.  Professional landscapers and electricians are also able to create a customized lighting plan to highlight the best features of your home in the best way. If you are ready to install landscape lighting at your home, just call 410-SAMEDAY right now. We are ready to help you brighten up your home today!