Dropping certain household wastes in the drain may not seem so harmful. However, this has caused very serious damages in many homes. It doesn’t matter how small the waste is – it can still cause a certain degree of damage.

To avoid problems with your plumbing, this article will point out a few household items you should never drop down the drain – no matter how small or harmless it looks.

5 Household Items You Should Never Put Down the Drain


Hair always finds its way down the drain – whether intentionally or not. A few strands wouldn’t do so much damage, right? However, when that builds up, the clog gets bigger. Take it out if you see it. One strand matters.

Fat, Oil and Grease

Just dumping leftovers down the drain can cause serious problems in your plumbing, especially if they have fat, oil or grease. These things tend to harden as they cool down.

Therefore, as they travel down your drain, they stick to the sides of your pipes and harden. Anything else you put down there will get caught up, causing a clog.

Paper products

Avoid throwing in products like wet wipes, paper towels, cotton balls, etc. down the drain. They aren’t designed to disintegrate like toilet paper. They don’t dissolve when they get wet. They can clump up and block the drain.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are a major cause of clogged plumbing. Don’t throw them down the drain. The safest place to dispose of them is in the trash can.

Eggshells, bones, and hard food waste

These materials can clog up your garbage disposal, even though they can handle these types of food waste. To avoid any problems, just stick to the regular garbage can for these types of waste materials.


Condoms are made of rubber. They don’t dissolve in water. Therefore, they can easily get stuck in your plumbing. Dispose of this material the proper way as recommended by the manufacturer.
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