3 Smart Tips to Improve the Way Your AC Works

Those hot summer days are almost here, which means you’ll be wanting to do everything possible to stay cool inside your home. While a great AC system can do a lot of the work, there are still some smart things you can do to make sure you’re getting the most out of your HVAC unit.

  1. Think Sun. The more sun you let into your home, especially through windows, the harder your AC has to work. During the super hot summer afternoons, do your best to minimize how much sun is coming in by closing curtains.
  2. Know Your Leaks. Pumping a lot of cool air into your home doesn’t do much good when your home is leaking it all out. By sealing leaky windows and doors, for example, you can be sure that you keep more of the cool air in. And, like your mom always said, keep your doors closed so that you don’t let all of the cool air out!
  3. Replace Your Filter. If you feel like your AC isn’t working as well as it used to, there’s a good chance it needs a new filter. Over time, filters get dirty which impacts how well they work. You can change your filter yourself or contact a HVAC professional to help you do it quickly. The benefit of asking a pro to help with the replacement is that they can help you look at your system to make sure there aren’t any other issues that are making it run less efficiently.

Before summer officially gets started, it’s a great idea to have your AC looked at by a professional to make sure it’s ready to handle the heat. While you can always wait until an issue arises, a lot of times it’s better to get a head start so that you’re not left roasting and uncomfortable in your home.

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